Anatomy of the User Interface: Mastering the Digital Experience for Web & Mobile beyond coding.

FERNANDO TRAVIESOSpeaker’s Name – Fernando Travieso

Topic – Anatomy of the User Interface: Mastering the Digital Experience for Web & Mobile beyond coding.

Summary – Overview:
Golden Gekko invites you to a session at the BarCamp 2013 to meet designers, hackers, and technologists and learn from the products and services featured in case studies that expose firsthand the range of possibilities that can be created around connected people.
GoldenGekko’s designer Fernando Travieso will be on hand to share the good, the bad (and the ugly) around user interaction design and the trends structured in 100 laws that are shaping the interface design applied to web and mobile solutions during 2013.

About the Speaker – Fernando Travieso (born November 28, 1975) is an Uruguayan graphic designer who grew up dreaming of learning to play the piano.
Fernando holds a Master’s degree in Interface Design by the Elisava School of Design and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), a Project Management Pograduate Degree from FADU (Buenos Aires) and the Politecnico de Milano (Italy) and a Bachelor’ s Degree in Graphic Design from Universidad ORT Uruguay (Montevideo).
With a passion for interaction, his professional sporting achievements (and sponsors) took him fencing (while studying) around the world while representing his country until at the age of 25 when decided to settle in Barcelona. He is the User Interface designer at Golden Gekko that daily applies human centered axioms to delight clients and ultimately users. Fernando has been based in Phnom Penh for the last 3 years and adds “I am good at what I do for the odd reason that somehow my whole life has been led by the sense of touch in everything I’ve done, literally”.

Language for Presentation – English