Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Challenging

Sithsophary NhevSpeaker’s Name – Sithsophary Nhev

Topic – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Challenging

Summary – What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?
What is the BPO?
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves outsourcing of operations and responsibilities of any
businesses to a third party by replacing in-house services and hired an outside firm for hiring its services.

How does it function?
The back office functions, like accounting, finance, writing and human resources are some
of the services done through the business process outsourcing by the firms.
Also Telecoms , Banks, IT, Public services and General business need call center outsourcing services to take care their inbound and outbound calls from and to their customers.
Most of the BPO jobs are technology based and are popular as ITES-BPO jobs. ITES is used for Information Technology Enabled Services.

Countries experiences in BPO?
India is one of the major job providers and they caters to multinational corporations of the west. Other nations like Philippines, China and South Africa.

Where most BPO located?
Most of the BPO jobs are concentrated in big cities. Most of the outsourcing jobs in the India are by the United States and European multinational companies. Asia-Pacific also hires services from Indian companies. Most of the outsourcing jobs are for financial functions. Call Center Jobs are an Important part of the BPO Industry.

Market Segment
Financial and banking Industries, Telecoms industries, Insurances companies, IT Industries, Public Services, Non profit organizations, and Services industries.

Jobs Creation
Talk about BPO industry and the call-center jobs come to mind. These jobs attract the students and entry-level professionals. BPO offers jobs not just to first time job seekers, but also too retired professionals and persons working from home. According to surveys, about 70% of the outsourcing jobs earning is from call centers. These jobs provide employment and good money. Besides, industry exposure, new career path and good working environment are other facts, which make call center jobs attractive. These jobs do not require any specialized degree or prior experience.

Why Cambodia ?
Cambodian services are not only cost-effective, but Cambodia also provides a high level of
productivity from its local staff. Furthermore, Cambodia offers many language capabilities covering
English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and French. One of new leading Cambodia BPO called Dynamic Outsourcing Services (DOS) plans to take advantage of these benefits to create a professional, respected and prosperous company.
This will result in further employment opportunities for many Cambodians, which is important for
the country at this stage in its development. Currently, due to the lack of diverse employment
opportunities in Cambodia, a great many people are forced to go abroad to find work. By training
staff to an international standard, DOS hopes to build a skilled workforce which will attract
international business to use its services and bring much needed revenue into the country.

About the Speaker – Sithsophary Nhev who is the Operations Manager has over 10 years experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), especially in relation to data conversion through single entry, double entry, form processing, statistical graphing, scanning, OCR, CIR, proof-reading, coding and tagging, mapping and online search services for clients globally. He has extensive experience in project management and quality service delivery. Sithsophary was co-founder and General Manager of Digital Divide Data (DDD) which was started from scratch growing to over 300 staff. He was responsible for shaping DDD’s operations, sales and marketing, and growth strategies in business processes and outsourcing near-shore and off-shore services. He was also the special advisor who was responsible for DDD’s social and commercial performance across these industries and for expanding market coverage and demand for DDD’s full portfolio of services. Sithsophary provided support to more than 50 clients with 100+ large projects during his time as General Manager of DDD.
Sithsophary, had been invited as Guest speaker at Harvard, MIT, UC, Stanford University and WSIS..
Sithsophary, received Youth Award from Geneva, Grand Award from World bank, Gold Medal from Government of Cambodia and many other recognitions.
Traveled to more than 15 countries for businesses and studies.

Language for Presentation – Khmer