How about FilmCampKH and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2014?

sithen-sumSpeaker’s Name: Sithen SUM

Topic: How about FilmCampKH and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2014?

Summary: FilmCampKH & Chaktomuk Short Film Contest are flagship annual twin events organized by Kon Khmer Koun Khmer (Khmer Films. Khmer Generations.). FilmCampKH serves as a platform of sharing knowledge and know-how in film while the Contest aims at showcasing young filmmakers’ work. This year, we invited more specialized speakers in film and related fields and expanded our Contest to the region. Make sure you take part in our next edition: 2014!

About the Speaker: Born in Phnom Penh in 1981, Sithen has been passionate about film since he was a child. A graduate from the National University of Management, he worked hard to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Sithen was elected to lead Kon Khmer Koun Khmer in 2009 and has been producing and directing films ever since as well as organizing film-related events for Cambodian youth. After a trip to Laos for a FilmCamp with his 4K colleague Rithea Phichith, Sithen decided to hold a similar event in Cambodia, in 2012, and twinned it with Chakomuk Short Film Contest.

In terms of film production, Sithen has been involved with Kon Khmer Koun Khmer as well. In 2009, he scripted and directed a sequence of “Twin Diamonds” the first collective film, in a video-collage format. 2011 saw him as Production Manager of social short drama “Boyfriend” and 2012 marked his year as Line Producer for short experimental documentary “Kep Secret”. In 2013, he led some FilmCamp participants to make short films within 24 hours, on Rabbit Island, Kep province. A few months later, he scripted and directed his personal short film: “The Lock”. It was premiered at Meta House, Phnom Penh, with positive reception. He now contributes to developing the script of a new feature film: “The Gold Ring”.

Since 2012, he has been President of Khmer Film Foundation, set up by Bora Chhay, Director of the Oscar-nominated Cambodian movie “Lost Loves”. With this team, he has been involved in a film project from the beginning: co-writing the script for “Koh Ker – The Lost Wonder” documentary.

He is also an active movie blogger at A post last year about Siem Reap earned him the second prize, competing with other Asian candidates within BlogFest Asia 2012.

Language for Presentation: Khmer