How Technology Changes People Life and Social Development

Sovann MySpeaker’s Name: Sovann My

Topic: How Technology Changes People Life and Social Development

Summary: Do you want to know how technology change the way you live? As you are a good citizen, do you want to contribute your work and help into social development?

Technology has dramatically rapidly changed the way people living, working, doing business and event for NGO work.

– How technology change the way you live
– How you can adapt with the changing of technology and What will happen if one knows less technology
– How can you help your society or community by using technology
– How Companies and NGOs use technology in implementing their projects

About the Speaker: Sovann My has professional progressive work experience for over seven years, involving with social developments, public relations, media and communications within local NGO, international NGOs, global and international advertising media agencies. He is currently working for Urban Voice Cambodia, Media Project Manager.

He has successfully completed Bachelor of Arts in Business English from Cambodian Mekong University (2005-2009), and currently a candidate of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management at Asia Euro University (2012-present).

Further training:
In addition, he had extensively participation in capacity building training programme in the position of Media officer for one year (2010-2011) in Hanoi city, Vietnam, which supported by Norway Government. The training program has sharpened and strengthened my knowledge and skills in media management, partnerships in media, media sponsorship, and public relations. Not only that, he also had attended other oversea training courses on various topics such as Global and Regional Development Issues, Principles and Strategies, Effective Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Communication Practices, Health and Personal Security Aspects, Project Work and Presentation skills (Bangkok, Thailand), July 2010.

Language for Presentation: Khmer