How to Develop Your Digital Strategy?

be chantra
Speaker : Mr. Be Chantra
Topic : How to Develop Your Digital Strategy?

When defining and developing strategy, marketers and agencies must ensure that their clients understand that strategy follows structure, it follows people, and it follows an idea. Second, they must make sure that clients get that profit and ROI are outcomes, not the strategy itself. If you’re wondering what developing such a strategy looks like, there will be some keys steps:

  1. Plan and Assess
  2. Create and Launch
  3. Choose the Right Platforms
  4. Engage and Cultivate
  5. Measure and Evaluate

About Speaker:
He is an digital marketing and social event management specialist and presently the lead organizer of BarCamp events in Cambodia, an International, Innovative, and Open Technology Conference. He is in charge of overall event planning, funding and coordination of all activities, ensuring the events run smoothly and get the expected outcomes.

His goal has been to promote the effective use of technology tools for individual, organization and businesses. He has worked on the organization of private events and campaigns that require social mobilization. He had led the Sabay social media & marketing team and turned the website into a well-known online content provider in Cambodia.