How to Locate, Fact-Check, and Share Cambodia’s Development Data

Chan PenhleakSpeaker’s Name: Chan Penhleak

Topic: How to Locate, Fact-Check, and Share Cambodia’s Development Data

Summary: Where do you go to collect data and information on Cambodia’s development? How do you identify reliable sources? Do you want to maximize your research capacity?

Open Development Cambodia (ODC), the first innovative open data website in Southeast Asia and perhaps the world, brings together a treasure trove of economic, environmental and social data on the Kingdom in one place. ODC is dedicated to objectively providing publicly available data for free to anyone interested in utilizing the information – journalists, students, government ministries, NGOs, investors, donors, environmentalists, activists – about Cambodia rapid economic growth and resurgence. By aggregating, filtering, and visualizing data from various stakeholders (government, NGOs, research institutions, companies, the media, etc.) ODC makes it possible for users to compare different datasets and to initiate dialogues about Cambodia’s development trends.

Why should you attend this session?

1. To learn about the existing wealth of free information and data on the ODC website and how you can use them for your assignments, presentations, and research projects.

2. To learn and share effective ways to collect, present, and share publicly available information responsibly.

3. To propose research topics that you think ODC should work on.

4. To ask about how you can contribute to ODC via volunteer or internship opportunities.

Language: English & Khmer

About the Speaker: Chan Penhleak is a Research & Volunteer Coordinator at Open Development Cambodia (ODC). Penhleak graduated with a double-major in Economics and Business & Management from Skidmore College, in 2012. At ODC, Penhleak provides strategic oversight and management for research contributions to the ODC content, while also managing all aspects of a volunteer program.

Language for Presentation: English