How to use graphing calculators (TI-84) in mathematics

Rodwell KovSpeaker’s Name – Rodwell Kov

Topic – How to use graphing calculators (TI-84) in mathematics

Summary – As the technology grows, the use of graphing calculators become an essential part in learning mathematics. We can’t deny the fact that the use of graphing calculators aid learning for it allows students to “see” complex structure of mathematical analysis. In this session, we will learn how to use the most popular graphing calculators, the Texas Instrument 84 plus. This calculator is widely used in USA amongst high school and university students. We will examine all the important components and features of the calculator. Participants will get a on-hand experience on how to from perform basic computations to complex graph.

About the Speaker – Rodwell Kov is the director and a teacher at Rodwell Institute of Mathematics in Cambodia. He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science from the University of Washington, USA. He also attain a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education, specialized in Curriculum and Instruction Development.

His passion is, of course, teaching mathematics to high school students. More importantly, he takes pride in teacher training. He has worked with National Institute of Education to provide workshops for mathematics as a part of Teachers Across Border teacher training program. He has experienced teaching high school and university in USA for over 5 years.

Language for Presentation – English