Introducing “Mozilla Webmaker”

LAO SopheakSpeaker’s Name: LAO Sopheak

Topic: Introducing “Mozilla Webmaker”

Summary: Welcome to Webmaker — a Mozilla project dedicated to helping you create something amazing on the web. Our tools, events and teaching guides allow webmakers to not only create the content that makes the web great, but — perhaps more importantly — understand how the web works. With this knowledge, we can make a web without limits. That’s the philosophy behind We’ve built everything so you can see how it works, take it apart and remix it. Enjoy!

About the Speaker: Writing and Researching are his most favourite skill. He is now writing many articles to to share to khmer students or other people who need to resolve his/her problems.He is a passionate Designer and Developer and a founder of SOMBOKIT.COM and has been working with web development since 2009.

Language for Presentation: Khmer