Making Digital Maps Using Free and Simple Mapping Applications

Nhiep Seila & Mean NaroSpeaker’s Name: Nhiep Seila & Mean Naro

Topic: Making Digital Maps Using Free and Simple Mapping Applications

Summary: There may be times when you want to explain things through maps, but you don’t know how to create the maps. With the currently available technology, creating map has become relatively easy. You no longer need to be an expert to develop maps, provided that you know some basic techniques. You also don’t need to buy expensive map-making applications, since there are plenty of freely distributed software. This session will introduce you to the free tools and simple techniques you can use to create digital maps.

a. Discuss mapping as a tool for data visualization and story telling
b. Discuss ways to collect, clean and prepare data for map mapping
c. Demonstrate 2 mapping techniques:

  1. How to make your own digital maps using simple and free web mapping platforms (ie. Google Map, Open Street Map, Field Papers)
  2. How to make digital maps using desktop applications. We will demonstrate the process of making the Phnom Penh Polling Stations Map.

d. Answer questions about how ODC Mappers collect, analyze, and map Cambodia election data, at national and commune levels, such as: registered voters, voter turnouts, polling stations, and elections results.

ODCAbout the Speaker: Mean Naro is a Senior Mapper at ODC. He has a master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from the Royal University of Agriculture.
Seila is a Mapping Coordinator at ODC. He earned his M.Sc degree in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing from the Asian Institute of Technology.

Language for Presentation: Khmer