Online Education (In Cambodia)

Alexander WyrickSpeaker’s Name – Alexander Wyrick

Topic – Online Education (In Cambodia)

Summary –Overview: Very recently online education has taken major strides and the age-old gap in affordable learning is shrinking faster than ever. Let’s discuss the latest research in this industry that shows why online education is reaching critical mass, plus the challenges and opportunities that exist for online learning here in Cambodia.

Recent history: How rapid the pace of change in online learning is. Classes were narrow and limited just a few years ago but now they are truly innovative and virtually limitless.

Today: What is being taught? Who is teaching? Who is learning? What do other academics think?
Challenges & Criticisms: Language, Internet Access and Self-regulation.
Opportunities: Sharing computer labs, translating courses into Khmer, access to more affordable and more flexible education in nearly any subject imaginable.

Closing thought: Will the best instruction [In the future] be online?

About the Speaker – Originally from California, Alex lived in San Francisco for 7 years working in the online tech industry after graduating from the Business school of San Francisco State University. He has been traveling S.E. Asia for almost 5 months and recently moved to Phnom Phen.

As a graphic design nerd and long-time student of online instruction, he has completed over 50 online tutorials from leading sites (i.e. Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, Kahn Academy) and a number of smaller niche programs on Youtube, and in online forums. He is passionate about spreading the word to help more people take advantage of the resources that exist for online learning- which are often free and taught by international industry experts.

Language for Presentation – English