Speak Less, Do More

Sakada SamSpeaker’s Name – Sakada Sam

Topic – Speak Less, Do More

Summary – This almost becomes a culture already that Cambodian people like complaining about everything around them. Instead, they should have been doing something before they speak. I have known a lot of Cambodian students who wear impossible head. They almost always reject to accept or do something new. This culture should be changed or maybe gradually improved from now so that Cambodia will have meaningful history to tell.

About the Speaker – Sakada is an entrepreneur and so much passionate about entrepreneurship and eco-system in the world. Currently, he is a startup consultant and a highly sought after self-development trainer who has delivered customized training for various NGOs and businesses. He is also a co-founder of SmallWorld, social collaborative workspace, and the founder of Khmer Enterprises, aiming to support and partner with local startups (*studentrepreneurs) in Cambodia.

Language for Presentation – Khmer