Technology and Garment Industry

oudom-khySpeaker’s Name: Oudom KHY

Topic: Technology and Garment Industry

Summary: We have learned so far that everybody own a phone even garment workers so telephone is a good way to reach out people and to disseminate knowledge. ILO – Better Factories Cambodia created 2 technology projects related to mobile phone with the aim of giving knowledge about labour rights to workers and people in the industry.

Cambodian Labour Law Guide App: The application, which can be downloaded for free on any Android and iPhone smart phones, provides an interactive and searchable version of BFC’s Guide to the Labour Law. The app is available in English, Chinese and Khmer.
Mobile Phone Project (IVR System) or Kamako Chhnoeum Project: This project aims to reach out to factory workers through mobile phone to disseminate knowledge about labour rights, occupational safety and health, and personal health. The purpose of the project is to facilitate communication with factory workers through the implementation of a mobile phone IVR system. Workers will call for free two numbers to take a short quiz on labour law or health and welfare topics.

About the Speaker: KHY Udom, Information and Communication Technology Consultant of International Labour Organization

(ILO) – Better Factories Cambodia (BFC). He graduated from RUPP of Master of Science in Information Technology (MITE) and went to Frence for 1 year for master exchange programme.
Language for Presentation: Khmer